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Luciano on a business trip decides to spend the night over his old family-owned estate to rest a bit for the upcoming business-meeting of the day after.
While rummaging in some old boxes in the attic Luciano discovers an old 8mm film with a stranger's name “Sofia” written on a label.
The film, apparently ruined by time, pictures shattered images of a girl care-freely wandering in a melancholic autumn
Some frames look unsettling and incomprehensible and not timeworn.
In the sleepless night those images won't stop tormenting him he goes back in the attic to looking for a projector.
While watching the 8mm he sees that there are to image-streams one over the other, the second showing the Sofia's brutal killing.
Luciano bewildered by those terrible and confusing pictures recognizes the window of an old farmhouse he knows where maybe the murder took place.
He decides to reach the place despite the gloom of the night to reveal the mystery.
The old and ratty farmhouse is open and Luciano enters the building while darkness embraces him.
Something terrible is waiting for him, something the audience will not see.
Luciano in a rush goes back in the attic and the projector seems have started on its own and the pictures it's showing looks unfamiliar and even more terrible than the previous ones.
Time has not the time but to gaze at a frame of that sequence of images that really looks like him few minutes before while he was in the farmhouse.
Luciano stops the film and rewinds it back to that frame, but the warmth of the bulb overheats the film burning it emitting an incredibly bright and eerie light towards Luciano.
The light attracts Luciano.
The morning after Luciano woke up confused and the night before seems so opaque.
Half asleep he goes in the kitchen where an unknown woman is waiting for him, the audience sees just her long hair and a shoulder.
Her identity will be clearer just at very end.
Luciano tells her about a dream he had that night, where he's tied up in chains in a cave while staring at casting shadows moving a wall.

The short movie “Sofia” rewords the Plato's allegory of the cave where the casting shadows in the cave are transposed into the projection a film with a mysterious content, the bi-dimensionality of film will never allow us to know the real truth of what it says and even if we could find a way to reach this knowledge or wisdom (“Sophia” in ancient Greek) we would never be able to understand or tell to somebody else.

Director Statement
"I wanted to make this film because neither science apparent objectivity nor art expressive prowess are able to convey reality and truth in their mere complexity.
The bi-dimensionality strictness of the motion picture craft can just convey multiple layers of meaning but not reality itself.
Moving pictures, sounds and words within a frame are like an open window showing a very personal point view".

                                                                                                                                                                              Stefano Pasotti

Still photos
Francesca Valentini
Script Supervisor

Giovanni Paolo Milano
Executive Producer

Lorenzo Musiu
Assistant Director

Stefano Pasotti
Director; Producer

Stefano Pasotti

Adele Raes

Francesca Milani

Gualtiero Scola
Lead Actor



Andrea Cardinale

Antonio Cirelli
Best Boy

Daniele Sosio
Sound Mixer

David Lisi
Key Grip

Diego Colombo
Boom Operator

Emanuele Mestriner

Fabio Possanzini

Giacomo Devecchi
Assistant Camera

Art Department
Ali Younis
Swing Gang

Silvia Musumeci
Makeup Artist

None provided by applicant.

Post Production
Daniele Sosio
Sound Editor

Stefano Pasotti
Editor; Digital Effects

Justin Durban
Original Music/Composer

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